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Teacher, musician, researcher, writer, and podcaster. This website comes about as a product of my dissertation research into the world of Biblical Trumpets. Click here for a copy of "Trumpets in Scripture."

My Experience


A professional trumpet player and pastoral musician for over thirty years, I now teach at the University level at a private Baptist college, Hannibal-LaGrange University.  

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About Me


Sometimes bearded, and sometimes not, I enjoy time with my wife, Kimberly and our kids and our grandchildren. Click here to go to my podcast page. 

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Short Video on Biblical Trumpets

This fun 4:30 minute video is a wonderful place to start in your exploration of Biblical Trumpets. I produced it a few years ago for my old website, "gloryhorn." 

Weekly Research Journal

Selected Academic Writings of John L. Francis

The Moravians: a Pattern for Christian Instrumental Music

 A “spiritual awakening”, having taken place in the small community of Herrnhut, Germany, gave birth to a sacred instrumental music ministry so profound that repercussions are still felt today in the secular and sacred United States and elsewhere. 

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Brita Himnaro

 This paper seeks to research why British hymnody would be an optimum source for a hymnal for Esperanto-speaking people, what can be learned from other English hymn translators and to determine a philosophy of translation to create a hymnal that would be useful for the glorification of God, and a tool for evangelism to a secularized culture. 

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Forming a Communion Mindset

 Through his hymnal, William Gadsby, sought to use hymns as a formative means of teaching a specific doctrine of the Lord’s Supper to "Strict Baptists" that would be Calvinistic in expression, despite the clear Zwinglian “memorialism” stance that their confessions would state. 


On Platform Leadership

This brief article is about the importance of sincere platform leadership through preparation, appearance, platform vibrancy and certain untangibles 


Trumpets in Scripture

My Master's Thesis, "Trumpets in Scripture" explores the concepts of the two trumpets in the Bible and their meanings.


Shofar: Once and Future Icon

In the Jewish faith, according to Rabbi Abraham Witty, the shofar is a symbol for Messiah. This paper looks at iconodules and iconclasts to decide is the shofar a good representative of the Messiah.


Various Resources on Biblical Trumpets

I have spent years gleaning material on this subject matter by many authors. What is available is free, and should be used for educational purposes only, not for monetary profit. Also please cite authors. If there is no citation available you may cite: "" 

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